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09 Mar 2021 3:34 PM | Anonymous

Following our March board meeting this morning, today’s Zoom meeting was called to order by President-Elect Emily at 12 Noon. She led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-way test followed by a moment of silence and reflection.

Visiting Rotarians:    Michael & Barrie

March is – “World Understanding Month”

Announcements/Sad-Happy-Brag Bucks:  

President Allan’s getting stronger & he’s home with home therapy and he’s gotten himself a new cel phone number (505) 238-5334.

Vivien’s doing OK; Pat’s on chemo… call her & tell her what’s happening.

Following our weekly roll call,

Our Trivia Quiz for the day from Sgt-at-Arms Cheryl:    

1.     What is the new 7th focus of Rotary?  Answer: The Environment!  In January RI published the categories of grants that can be applied for under this new focus.

2.     Yesterday was International __________ Day.  Answer: International Women’s Day.  Started in what year?  2007 was the year that the UN adopted International Women’s Day, but 1911 was the first celebration of the day. Some things take a long time to take off.  One reason to celebrate the day is to bring attention to the facts of pay inequity, so women globally are paid 23% less for doing the same work, and in New Mexico (in 2017 report) it’s 26% less than male counterparts. 

3.     First country to “give” women the vote?  (UK, New Zealand, Canada were the choices)  Answer: New Zealand in 1893, beating Canada and the US by a quarter century.

4.     Which actor has won more primetime Emmys than any other actor in history? (Mary Tyler Moore, Cloris Leachman or Julia Louis-Dreyfus) Answer: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld and VEEP)

5.     The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted it’s FIRST female performer in 1987. Was it Etta James, Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston?  Answer: Aretha Franklin (Cheryl gave her “cash”!)

6.     Daylight Saving time starts when?  Next Sunday at 2:00 am. Roll those clocks forward an hour!

Club, District & R.I. News and Business:

Club members provide program speakers for our meetings. To supply programs for the months of April, May & June, please contact Judy. How about another meeting at Rotary park???

Today’s Program:     Mr. John tells untruths about his life to date…

Judy introduced John, because no one knows him well enough.

To his great surprise, John’s life began in Brooklyn, NY. According to his few relatives, when he first came to this country, he couldn’t speak a word of English.

A recounting of his misspent life in the broadcast and music industries followed, during which several attendees had to be rudely awakened.

In retrospect, the total of his 77 years on the earth will result in leaving behind one gourmet chef and one past officer & gentlemen (according to an act of Congress) to carry on the family name.

There being no additional Rotary business, we adjourned at 1:00 PM.

Programs, Happenings and Stuff & Such:

13 Mar           President-Elect Training Part 2 via zoom.

14 Mar           Daylight Savings Time Begins. Stay up & change your clocks at 2AM

15 Mar           Beware… Stay away from the forum today!

16 Mar           Regular Zoom meeting – Hands of the Caribbean - Kandrise Voltaire-Snow

17 Mar           St. Patrick’s Day

20 Mar           Rotary Leadership Institute, Part 3, Via Zoom.

20 Mar           First Day of Spring!

23 Mar           Regular Zoom meeting – Paula Getz - NM-NEW (New Elder World).

27 Mar           President-Elect Training Part 3 via zoom.

27 Mar           Passover

30 Mar           Regular Zoom meeting – Donna Pedace

4 April            Easter Sunday

9-10 April       District 5520 Annual Conference – It’ll be only via ZOOM! (What a bummer!)

12 April          Ramadan begins at sundown

24 April          Governors’ Charity Ball (Maybe) – Albuquerque Convention Center- 5PM to 11PM

1 May            Rotary Leadership Institute, Part 1, Via Zoom.

9 May            Mother’s Day

12-16 June    Rotary International Convention in Taipei (We Hope!).

20 June         Father’s Day

1 July            The new Rotary Year begins.

15 July          Saint Swithin’s day.

4-8 June-2022  International Convention – HOUSTON, TX !!

The Rotary Club of Albuquerque Sandia.  For more information on service, please contact us:  service@RotarySandia.org

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