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21 Sep 2021 6:46 PM | Anonymous

Our meeting was called to order at 12 Noon. President Emily led the attending members in the Pledge of Allegiance & the 4-way test. A moment of silence and reflection followed.

Guests:           Charlotte dropped in to say hello.

September is– “New Generations Month”

Announcements/Sad-Happy-Brag Bucks:  

President Emily announced that the Afghan assistance pgm will take place at Holloman AFB & down in TX. That’s too far to travel for us… So, we’ll pass on this.

Also, the “Pints for Polio” hasn’t confirmed a place or exact date as yet. More info will follow.

There’ll be a signup sheet for our October program member bios.

Penny says that RGFP will hold their 6th annual hike to end hunger on 23 October at the Boxing Bear Brewing Co. Also, they’ll need some help with ‘T’ shirt prep & folding for the event (see Cunningham). Maybe we’ll do this at our 19 October meeting.

Barrie will be out in October & will have knee surgery on 8 November… He’ll be out at least one month. He also needs a member to contact & remind his November program speakers

Allan mentioned that the Los Lunas Club will be holding a fund raising breakfast on Saturday. It’ll probably be at Ribs Hickory Smoke BBQ – 120 Nelson Lane, Los Lunas.

Gloria put up $2 sad bucks- Mike is not feeling well in Ghana… her tires are LOW – probably due to the cooler weather. So, stop off at Discount Tire (it’s free).

Maggie emptied out her piggy bank, in the sum of $19.35 – She was supposed to visit son w/Covid in Panama City (No GO). Her youngest has had ankle surgery (In Alabama) so she’ll be visiting him & will be out during Oct, Nov & Dec.

Pres.-Elect Karen will be in SF next week & attending meetings. That ax cost her a buck.

Mollie parted with a buck to mention her support of the Holocaust Museum.

Cheryl found $2 to say that she’ll be travelling to CO for almost a week to see family.

A pin & badge check yielded $2 for our coffers today.

Our Trivia Quiz for the day from Sgt-at-Arms Cheryl:

1. Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and what equinox is it in the Southern Hemisphere? Answer: Karen told us that it’s the vernal equinox. The September equinox is the moment when the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator, heading southward.

2. What is the Full Moon closest to the September equinox called: Answer from Libby: the Harvest Moon. The Harvest moon rose last night at 5:54, so tonight should be about 6:44 and is the last night it will appear full. In the old days, the early moonrise for a few days around the equinox meant that farmers could work and harvest their crops for a longer time in the evenings.

3. On Sept. 21, 1968 Soviet spacecraft Zond 5 landed in the Indian ocean after a six-day flight. It was the first successful circumlunar mission with two beings onboard that survived the trip. What were the animals? Answer: Who could have guessed that they were tortoises!

4. What major engineering project was completed on the Rio Grande in 1916? Answer: Our guest Charlotte knew that it’s the Elephant Butte Dam. The Dam created the largest reservoir in the world at that time and was the first civil engineering water project associated with the international allocation of water.

Our PolioPlus Jar made its usual trip around the room.

Club, District & R.I. News and Business:   

Past President Allan will be providing program speakers for the month of September.

September – Allan      October – Member Bios         November – Barrie     December – Mollie

January – Cheryl        February – Penny                   March – Pamela         April – Libby

May – Pat                   June - Judy

Yesterday we packed 220 bags of food at the Silver Horizons warehouse from 10AM to 1PM. The bags will be distributed by meals on wheels.

Bring in your old Rotary magazines for use at our Rotary information table. The table will be set up monthly in the lobby of N. Domingo Baca.

Today’s Program:     A beginning of our member bios…

Pres Emily introduced Karen & Allan Bash, who reminisced about their lives, before and after their being married for 48 years. Karen was born in Denver CO & Allan was born in DeMoines IA. They joined up with Rotary in IA & then met up with us in 2011.

So much to cover of two interesting lifetimes. But not enough space here, to provide all of their great stories.

There being no further Rotary business, we vacated the premises at 1:00 PM.

Programs, Happenings and Stuff & Such:

22 Sept            First Day of Autumn!!!!

28 Sept            Regular Meeting – 12 Noon

1-2 Oct            Bi-District Conference

5 Oct               Regular Meeting – 12 Noon

12 Oct             Board Meeting 11AM

12 Oct             Regular Meeting – 12 Noon

12-19 Oct        ABQ Metro Club’s “Pints For Polio”… Let’s help them.

16 Oct             RLI part I – 7:30A-1P via zoom. Register at District 5520 website.

19 Oct             Regular Meeting – 12 Noon

20 Oct             A work day at Silver Horizons warehouse- 10A-1P

24 Oct             Polio Awareness Day

26 Oct             Regular Meeting – 12 Noon

31 Oct             Halloween

7-9 Apr-2022  District 5520 Conference at Isletta Resort.

4-8 June-2022 R.I. International Convention – HOUSTON, TX (fly ABQ to IAH)!!

The Rotary Club of Albuquerque Sandia.  For more information on service, please contact us:  service@RotarySandia.org

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