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08 Jan 2019 5:46 PM | Anonymous

Following  the January board meeting,  this regular meeting was called to order at 12 Noon by President Patrick. He then led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance & the 4-way test. A moment of silence and reflection followed.

No Visiting Rotarians or Guests this week.

January is– “Rotary Awareness Month”.

One pin or name tag buck fine was found today.

Announcements/Sad-Happy-Brag Bucks:

Karen gave up a fiver, to say that she & Allan will be moving up to SF temporarily, for a couple of months. She’ll also have her name on a couple of bills to be passed.

Emily had a great 3 weeks with the grandkids. She also saw the Rose Bowl parade & came back with a picture of the Rotary float!

Maggie has Rob’s niece visiting & she’ll be attending UNM for her Master’s degree.

Gail had a great Christmas in CT. She came back & was snowed in at home. So, Happy New Year to all.

Pat mentioned that real lobbying can be learned from ABQ Interface. There’s training this evening, too!

Mollie had a sad buck for her recently deceased brother.

Our questions for the day from Sgt-at-Arms Mollie:

Re: Chisholm Ranch near Roswell, NM. Who is responsible for its upkeep? UNM, Cornell or Baylor?

No one knew that it’s Cornell University, in New York.

How have the Sacramento Mountains been formed? Uplift, Volcano or by an Inland sea?

Well, once again no one knew that it was an inland sea that formed them.

Club, District & R.I. News and Business:   

Emily announced that she’ll be putting our grant to good use for our Don’t Meth With Us project. She’ll soon order “T” shirts & wrist bands for those kids who participate.

Signup sheets were passed around for:

Silver Horizons work at their warehouse on 18 January, from 11AM to 1PM and for work at their thrift store during January & February. Hours: 12N to 4P or 12N to 2P &/or 2P to 4P.

The yearly NM MOM (dental freebies) will be held in Las Cruces on 3 & 4 May.

Join with R.I. President Barry Rassin, who’ll be visiting the Rotary Clubs of El Paso & Juarez on 1 February, 2019. There’ll be a 9AM breakfast at Cibelas ($20) & a dinner gala at the El Paso CVB - 7PM ($50). For Info call 833-6616.

The 2019 President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) will be conducted in Santa Fe on April 4-6. PETS is required training for all Presidents Elect. The venue for this event will be the Santa Fe Hilton Historic Plaza Hotel, 100 Sandoval Street, Santa Fe NM, 87501. There is a special rate of $109 per night for this event which includes complimentary parking (normally $14/day) and free WiFi access. To be eligible for this special rate, please confirm your reservation by March 4, 2019.

Each month, a Club member has volunteered to be responsible to provide program speakers for our meetings. Here’s a REVISED list for each remaining month of the 2018-2019 Rotary Year:

January–Mollie                    February-Emily                        March-Gail

April–Allan                          May-Fofo                      June-Maggie

Today’s Program:     Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD)

Mollie  Introduced Diane Wikler, Public Information Officer, City of Albuquerque SWMD and Mila Romero.

The Solid Waste Management Department provides trash collection and disposal. SWMD also oversees large-item disposal, recycling, graffiti removal, convenience centers, and neighborhood cleanup support. Other services include:

Operating the City's landfills in compliance with State and Federal regulations, Ensuring environmental safety at old landfills, Managing and operating a recycling processing facility and Educating the public about recycling and responsible waste disposal.

The SWMD initiated an Integrated Waste Management Plan to assist the Department in setting short and long-term goals for a comprehensive solid waste program.

The City SWMD began development of an Integrated Waste Management Plan (IWMP) to serve as an important planning tool in order to reach optimal waste diversion for the city.

The IWMP examines solid waste practices and how those individual elements interact as pieces of a larger management system.

The IWMP, by Zia Engineering & Environmental Consultants, reviews the current status of the City's solid waste management system including operations, rates and facilities and proposes an environmental plan for the future.

While the SWMD has total control over the waste stream through its integrated combination of services and facilities, the system has been oriented toward disposal.

The purpose of the Integrated Waste Management Plan is to reverse that orientation in favor of waste reduction, reuse, repair, recycling, composting and other forms of diversion consistent with the goal of waste diversion. Pursuit of the waste diversion goal requires a series of coordinated, cooperative efforts between the Department and the private sector over the long term.

Broad guidance and direction for the SWMD is found in applicable policies as adopted by the City Council and Mayor. These include the overall City sustainability initiative termed “Albuquerque Green”.

The 2002 Vision Statement, Five Year Goals, and Desired Community Conditions, in particular,  Environmental Protection and Enhancement.

Other strengths of the SWMD and existing solid waste management system are:

The City controls the flow of waste through its collection operations and thus can directly impact whether it is disposed or diverted without negotiating or contracting with private entities.

Plenty of capacity is available at Cerro Colorado Landfill so that the City is not faced with an imminent disposal crisis. Many capital / infrastructure investments have been made for the landfill operation. This situation allows the Department to focus on diversion.

New leadership and upper management have been brought into the SWMD with the authority and policy support to implement diversion initiatives.

The City has already enacted a multi–family recycling ordinance that requires apartment building owners  to offer the opportunity to recycle for residents. Building owners are supposed to make arrangements with SWMD, so containers for commingled recyclables can be placed on premises. Further, the ordinance allows the Department to charge each building unit the same recycling service fee that single–family residences pay. Recycling is occurring at City buildings and the Department is seeking to upgrade and expand these internal efforts.

Based on both formal and informal communication between SWMD personnel and industry representatives, it is clear that there are several potential private sector firms that want to partner with the City in developing a major facility which would significantly increase capacity to process & market recyclables from not only the City of Albuquerque but from the surrounding region as well.

While there are private recycling service companies operating in Albuquerque, the City itself does not have an organized business recycling program. Thus there is definite potential for much more diversion from institutional, commercial, and industrial generators.

The SWMD has purchased equipment capable of size reducing and grinding yard waste in much larger quantities than has been handled at the City’s composting operation.

Glass can’t be mixed with other recyclables in the recycling collection program because glass breakage contaminates these materials and makes them non–marketable. However, glass is not collected curbside  in the City but instead, may be taken to community drop–off recycling centers.

The City’s residential and commercial rate base is augmented by rate structures in place at Cerro Colorado Landfill and the three convenience centers.

Free frige magnets were distributed to all, containing Do’s & Don’ts of recycling. & we each received a recycled spork.

Solid Waste Department Contact Information:

For general inquiries, contact: Mila Romero  (505) 761-8167 milaromero@cabq.gov

For media and general inquiries, contact: Diane Wikler 505-761-8134 dwikler@cabq.gov

For billing inquiries, contact: Mike Sandler  (505) 761-8332 msandler@cabq.gov

For Code and Ordinance and Enforcement inquiries, contact: Michael Anaya (505) 761-8125

In appreciation of today’s program, President Patrick presented Ms. Wikler & Romero with packets of Fofo’s lemonade mix, in support of Fofo’s Haiti projects.

Programs, Happenings and Stuff & Such:

15 Jan              Regular Meeting- Sarah Manning on Public Banking

21 Jan              MLK Jr. BD

22 Jan              Regular Meeting- Pat Diem on Dining Club For Women

26 Jan              Rio Rancho Sunrise Nursing Scholarship Gala Santa Anna Star Casino Hotel

29 Jan              Regular Meeting- Laura Kuehn "Crime Prevention Specialist" City of Albuquerque

1 Feb               R.I. President Barry Rassin visits El Paso & Juarez for B’kfast & for a Dinner Gala.

2 Feb               Groundhog day

14 Feb             Valentine’s Day

15-16 Feb        AG-LG Training – Socorro

18 Feb             Presidents’ Day

22-23 Feb        Del Norte’s Rotary Gala 2019

5 Mar              Mardi Gras

17 Mar            Saint Patrick’s Day

4-6 April         PETS – Santa Fe

21 April          Easter

2-5 May, 2019 District Conference- El Paso, TX

3-4 May          The New Mexico MOM takes place in Las Cruces this year

5 May              Ramadan begins at sundown

12 May            Mother’s Day

27 May            Memorial Day

11 June            King Kamehameha I Day

16 June            Father’s Day

Thanks to our members for their assistance in setting up & striking Club equipment used to run our meeting.

The Rotary Club of Albuquerque Sandia.  For more information on service, please contact us:  service@RotarySandia.org

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