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05 Feb 2019 7:35 PM | Anonymous

Following this morning’s Chinese New Year board meeting, this meeting was called to order at 12 Noon by President Patrick. He then led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance & the 4-way test. A moment of silence and reflection followed.

Visiting Rotarians:    Tony Piño LG/AG

February is– “World Understanding Month”.

We couldn’t find any pin or name tag buck fines today.

Announcements/Sad-Happy-Brag Bucks:

Dave put out a fiver for his wife’s return home from hospital.

Emily’s happy for Chris Nolan, our program speaker.

Michael’s happy that his car is finally clean (after a long wait!)

Questions for the day from Sgt-at-Arms Mollie:

What was the name of the gathering place/bar, from the TV show Dallas? 

No takers… It was “The Cattlemen’s Club”!

In what State are there more TVs than people? No correct guesses… It’s Washington D.C.

Club, District & R.I. News and Business:   

Tony has attended our R.I. President’s visit to District 5520 (down in Texas). More than 500 District 5520 Rotarians attended the festivities.

Tony, our LG, has dropped off the yearly cruise tickets. We’ll soon be able to enter the yearly drawing.

Our guest speaker for the Interact Club RYLA meeting on 11 Feb is a Senior (Holly) from a different school who attended RYLA last year. Also, she was a Rotary Foreign Exchange student and she’s a wonderful role model for our kids. 

RYLA scholarship applications deadline is 1 May, 2019. Gail is our club’s RYLA contact person. High School juniors are eligible to apply. The 2017-18 board has committed our Club to support at least 4 campers (maybe more, this year!). The Boys’ camp runs from 14 July to 20 July and the girls’ camp runs from 20 July to 26 July. We hope that several of our Interact Club members will apply for this scholarship.

The board has passed a motion to provide a $100 gift card to Kelly Hayes/Dutro, our honorary member and Interact Adviser, for her impending baby!

Dr. Dave mentioned that, in a Rotarian message from Ron Burton, Chair of our Rotary Foundation, our involvement in the Foundation will make a difference by doing good in the world.

Emily has scheduled work for us at The Rock at Noonday on 21 Feb, 7A to 10A OR 10:30A to 1:30P. We’ll choose to work at breakfast or lunch, by signing up today.

She also reminded us that our assistance at the Silver Horizons thrift store will be greatly appreciated.

Egyptian Rotarians will be visiting the ABQ/Rio Rancho/Los Lunas area, April 29th to May 2nd (3 nights). We need host homes for them. Since it’s a large group, more hosts than usual are needed. If you have any interest, please volunteer. Hosting foreign Rotarian guests is an interesting experience and many friendships result from the RFE program. Donna believes that most members of the group will be of the Christian faith. Hosts provide a private bedroom, hopefully a private bath, and breakfast each morning. When hosts have been identified, there’ll be a joint meeting where the hosts will set a schedule of activities and determine if they’ll cover additional meals and perhaps some sightseeing. The hosts are also asked to drive their guests to/from activities, or to arrange for another club member to assist with driving. Please let Donna know by Feb. 8 if you are willing to host. You can reach her at pedaceabq@aol.com or 505-349-8850 to sign up to host, or if you have any questions about hosting.

The Rotary District 5520 8th grade four-way essay contest entry deadline is 19 March, 2019. This year’s subject is: What is the 4-way test & how does each question help me to stop & make the better decisions? The top District prize is $400. If a member is interested in heading up a Club entrant contest, we will form a committee which will evaluate their essays. More info is to be found on the District 5520 website. Our Club’s winner does receive a cash award from us.

We are happy to announce that Vivien has accepted the Club President-Elect position and will serve as President for the 2019-2020 Rotary Year. The 2019 President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) will take place in Santa Fe on April 4-6. PETS is required training for all Presidents Elect. The event venue will be the Santa Fe Hilton Historic Plaza Hotel, 100 Sandoval Street, Santa Fe NM, 87501. There’s a special rate of $109 per night for this event. To be eligible for the special rate, confirm reservations by March 4, 2019.

Do you know what Rotary Global Rewards are????

Each month, a Club member has volunteered to be responsible to provide program speakers for our meetings. Here’s a REVISED list for each remaining month of the 2018-2019 Rotary Year:

February-Emily          March-Gail       April–Allan              May-Fofo        June-Maggie

Today’s Program:     “The Beatles… Is James Paul McCartney really dead"?

Mollie Introduced UNM Professor Chris Nolan, who advanced and discussed this 52 year old conspiracy theory for us all to ponder.

Who is the Paul McCartney who is currently doing the world tours? A history of the Beatles was included in the discussion.

Did the “original/real” James Paul McCartney really die in an auto accident on 9/11/66 at the age of 24?

Theoretically, the “original” Paul completed 7 albums, while the “next Paul (Billy Shepherd)” completed the last 7 albums with a different sound.

Billy/Paul is said to have undergone several surgeries in Nairobi to change his appearance.

MI5 & MI6 investigated the alleged accident & death, since the Beatles brought “big money” to England.

Prof. Nolan mentioned many clues, both visual and musical, which point to the alleged demise of the original Paul.

For more information, we were directed to several books which have been published on the subject.

In appreciation of today’s program, President Patrick presented Prof. Nolan with a packet of Fofo’s lemonade mix, in support of Fofo’s Haiti projects.

There being no additional Rotary business, our meeting concluded at 1:00 PM.

Programs, Happenings and Stuff & Such:

5 Feb               Chinese New Year – Year of the Brown Earth Pig - 4716

11 Feb             Interact Club RYLA meeting.

12 Feb             Regular Meeting- Composting in Tumbler

14 Feb             Valentine’s Day

15-16 Feb        AG-LG Training – Socorro

18 Feb             Presidents’ Day

19 Feb             Regular Meeting- Rose Rose: Her new book :Overturned Bucket

21 Feb             We work breakfast or lunch at The Rock at Noonday

22-23 Feb        Del Norte’s Rotary Gala 2019

26 Feb             Regular Meeting- Devonte Kurt Watson, Economic Development Strategist

2 Mar              Silk Road Connection Fashion Show (See Gail)

5 Mar              Mardi Gras

17 Mar            Saint Patrick’s Day

4-6 April         PETS – Santa Fe

21 April          Easter

2-5 May, 2019 District Conference- El Paso, TX

3-4 May          The New Mexico MOM takes place in Las Cruces this year

5 May              Ramadan begins at sundown

12 May            Mother’s Day

27 May            Memorial Day

11 June            King Kamehameha Day

16 June            Father’s Day

Thanks to our members for assistinng in setting up & striking Club equipment used to run our meeting.

The Rotary Club of Albuquerque Sandia.  For more information on service, please contact us:  service@RotarySandia.org

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