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07 Jan 2020 6:34 PM | Anonymous

Sgt-at-Arms Cheryl called our first regular meeting of the new year to order at 12 Noon. She led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance & 4-way test. A moment of silence and reflection followed.

Visiting Rotarians:    Raffi Andonian, Santa Fe       Joe Rose , Del Sol

Guests:           Robert Vigil, guest of Pam

January is – “Rotary Awareness Month”

One pin fine was imposed today.

Announcements/Sad-Happy-Brag Bucks:

Joe Rose announced that he had a couple of boxes of very old Rotarian magazines with him, for anyone who’s interested in Rotary history.

John had the first sad buck of the year for the recent passing of his sponsor (Emily Martin) to Rotary, 25 years ago.

Gloria had a great holiday in Amsterdam with her daughter. Michael came along also.

Mollie announced that Marion is scheduled for some eye surgery (once again!).

Emily celebrated the holidays in El Paso with family.

Cheryl owes a buck to express her joy about her recent trip to Panama. (There was some birding, too)

Our Trivia Quiz Questions for the day from Sgt-at-Arms Cheryl:

So, who travelled the greatest distance over the holidays? Looks like it was Amsterdam!

In the December Rotarian, “What Worked and What Didn’t- in Ghana” With whom did we partner for a 10 year period? It’s USAID.

Also Albuquerque was mentioned, i.e. 2 Rotarians from NM… One was Governor… When was that and what # governor was it? Well, it was governor #2 in the year 1917 Ezequiel Cabeza de Baca who was a member of the Rotary Club of Albuquerque.

The Polio Plus loose change jar traveled around the room.

Club, District & R.I. News and Business:

There’ll be another Rotary Leadership Institute session on January 25th, in Albuquerque. The registration link is up and running on the District 5520 website.

Two signup sheets were passed around today. One was for painting at Cloud Dancers on Saturday and the other was for work at Silver Horizons on 31 January.

The Governor’s Ball - 18 or 25 April. Tables of 10 go for $1600. If our Club manages to sell tables, we’ll get $400 back per table. Deadline for table sale is 2 weeks before the event. Ticket sales start on 20 January. Can’t we fill up at least one table?

Donna Pedace is looking for one more club to host the Brazilian RFE group on April 14 - 24. Our District will need up to six (6) host families and the group will be with the club for a maximum of either three (3) or four (4) nights during this period.

Here’s an opportunity to travel on an internationalRFE! There’ll be a group going to District 4845 (Paraguay and NE Argentina) from April 21 to May 2, 2020. We don’t know the exact locations to be visited during this RFE. The visit may include the city of Asuncion, Iguazu Falls, etc. 

During June 12-26, 2020, our District is hosting a fun Rotary Friendship Exchange group from South Australia.  Donna needs to know which clubs will be hosting, so she’ll know which airport they’ll be using for their visit. There’ll be five couples and two solo women. The two women could be in the same home if the host has two bedrooms or a room with two beds. Each hosting club must provide transportation in their area and halfway between the hosting club before and after the visit. 

Respond ASAP to Donna at pedaceabq@aol.com or to Regina at raeguest65@swcp.com and let them know if you’re willing to host.

Club members provide program speakers for each month of the Rotary Year:

January-Michael        February ????          March– Judy & Libby                        April????         

May– Emily                June– Pam

January’s monthly B.D. celebration “Treats” will be provided by __???__

January’s birthday anniversary celebrants are Emily, Libby and Mollie.

Today’s Program:     "Creating Space for Conflicted Histories”

Michael introduced Mr. Raffi Andonian, who is currently with New York Life.

In addition to his talk, Mr. Andonian invited us to partake of a productive dialog today.

Today’s subjects included historical memory, how events are remembered and perspectives of past events in history.

Also discussed, were:

1. Why we remember,

2. What is the history to be remembered,

3. What does it mean “to remember”? and

4. How do we remember?

Included in our discussions, were differing perspectives and interpretations, personal experiences, empathy leading to understanding and visiting historical sites introduces differing perspectives.

In appreciation of today’s program, Cheryl presented Mr. Andonian with a packet of Fofo’s lemonade, which helps to support her Haiti projects.

There being no further Rotary business, at 1 PM our meeting was concluded.

Programs, Happenings and Stuff & Such:

11 Jan              Inside Ramp Painting at Cloud Dancers (If temperatures permit)- 12N-4PM

11 Jan              Haiti:After The Earthquake- Art, Culture, Food & Music - $50 at State Fair Grounds

14 Jan              Board Meeting at 10:30 AM

14 Jan              Regular Meeting "Why You Should Never Play Monopoly Again" - Doug Lindsey

21 Jan              Regular Meeting "Managing Conflict in Day to Day Life" - Shauna Rampley

25 Jan              Chinese New Year – 4718, year of the rat.

25 Jan              RLI Albuquerque, NM- All 3 parts offered @ the Lomas French’s 7:30A-1:30P

28 Jan              Regular Meeting "Ghana Adventures" –Michael Podolny

31 Jan              We work at Silver Horizons, inventory from 10AM to 2PM.

2 Feb               Groundhog Day

4 Feb               Regular Meeting-

11 Feb             Board Meeting at 10:30AM

11 Feb             Regular Meeting-

14 Feb             Valentine’s Day !

17 Feb             Presidents’ Day

18 Feb             Regular Meeting-

25 Feb             Regular Meeting-

29 Feb            “LEAP DAY”!!! (Jimmy Dorsey’s Birthday)

17 Mar            St. Patrick’s Day

26-27 Mar       President Elect Training Seminar in Ruidoso

27-29 Mar       District Conference in Ruidoso

18 OR 25 Apr Governors Ball! Where WILL it be held?

10 May            Mother’s Day

25 May            Memorial Day           

6-10 June        2020 Rotary International Convention in Honolulu

11 June            King Kamehameha Day

21 June            Father’s Day

23 or 30 June Installation of New Officers

1 July              The new Rotary Year Begins!

12-18 July       Boys RYLA

18-24 July       Girls RYLA

Thanks to members for assisting with setting up & striking Club equipment used to run our meeting.

The Rotary Club of Albuquerque Sandia.  For more information on service, please contact us:  service@RotarySandia.org

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