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10 Nov 2020 3:39 PM | Anonymous

Immediately following the November board meeting, this regular meeting was called to order by President Allan at 12 Noon. He led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-way test. A moment of silence and reflection followed.

November is– “Foundation Month ”

Announcements/Sad-Happy-Brag Bucks:

There’ll be NO MEETINGS on 24 November, 22 December & 29 December.

On 8 December, after the board meeting, we’ll deliver cookies instead of the regular meeting.

On 15 December, gifts will be delivered to both Solano & Hannett houses.

Dere ain’t no Club holiday party this year…

President Allan reminds us to sign up for the Rotary Zone Zoom meeting, 12-14 November. Also, his congregation is running a trip raffle. For information, call President Allan.

Michael’s back from Ghana!

Following our weekly roll call,

Our Trivia Quiz for the day from Sgt-at-Arms Cheryl:

1.     In 1957 this man (President Dwight D. Eisenhower) received the Gaither Report which urged the expense of up to $30 billion to build what?   Hint: NOT the Highway System!

      Answer:  Fallout shelters!!

2.     (Picture of juggler on top of a cement wall with lots of grafitti on it). What happened to this juggler’s perch in November, 1989?   Answer: The Berlin Wall came down.

3.     When was the Berlin Wall first erected? Answer: Constructed by the German Democratic Republic starting on 13 August 1961, the Wall cut off (by land) West Berlin from virtually all of surrounding East Germany and East Berlin until government officials opened it in November 1989.

4.     Why was Alex Trebek nearly expelled from boarding school and dropped out of military school after 3 days?? Answer:  His hair….he didn’t want to get a buzz cut!  (It was 1958 after all…..)

5.     Why did Alex Trebek decide not to become a priest?  Answer:  “The vow of silence... enough said” he said! RIP Alex Trebek.

Club, District & R.I. News and Business:

November birthday Anniversaries:  Judy & Bruce

Club members provide program speakers for our meetings. To supply programs for one of the remaining months, please contact Judy.

Emily announced that we’ll be providing gifts once again to residents of both Hannett and Solano Houses. There’ll be an email from Emily by Friday, permitting each of us to select a resident’s requested gift. Return your selection via email (REPLY TO ALL) & deliver your gift to Emily by 5 December… Or, she’ll pick them up from you and deliver them to Solano & Hannett.

Cheryl mentioned that, at this morning’s board meeting, Judy had suggested that, on 8 December, each of us call & “visit” and drop off cookies, etc. to those of our members who do not attend meetings via Zoom. Those members present today have set up a list of recipients.

PB&J is looking for sponsors for their Adopt-a-Family Holiday Wish Program.

Each PB&J family is matched with a sponsor in order to provide them with unwrapped gifts for the holidays. Each of their families is asked to complete a wish list that provides suggestions to their sponsors.

To be matched with a family, contact Danielle Velasquez or Rosenda Fregoso at (505) 877-7060 or adoptafamily@pbjfamilyservices.org

Deadline for sponsors to turn in unwrapped gifts is December 7th, 2020.

Today’s Program:     Theodora Ghana Project update (Theodora Africa Virtual Assistants)

Michael introduced Mary Fiadese (Sales) and Justina Ansah (CFO).

Today, they’ll be doing a practice run of a presentation designed for major donor and new business development.

Theodora is empowerment. Millions of African women turn to the sex industry because they can’t find any other work. The Theodora project trains them to support small U.S. companies with administrative and marketing tasks.

Theodora Virtual Assistants serve professionals acting as solo practitioners, very small businesses and solopreneurs. Clients often feel like they’re not in control of their workload and don’t have time to market and sell their services. We help them develop systems to organize and offload some of this work so we can get important tasks done for them.

Small US-based businesses are helped to do more with less by relieving them of tedious administrative and marketing tasks.

Task Management

Our VAs keep you and your to-do’s organized and on schedule. We help our clients keep track of all the moving parts involved in running a busy professional practice or small business. We help you stay organized, and we keep you accountable.

Marketing Support

Few professionals enjoy marketing and sales. We help you promote your business by executing your marketing campaigns to your specifications. This includes content development, sales letters, mailing list management and social media marketing.


We help clients delegate tasks and develop systems to keep work flowing. Following interviews with you, our VAs create process documents specific to your business so the next time you contract for administrative services, your contractors have a roadmap to follow.

Started in 2020 with a pilot group of six women, today Theodora is serving twelve small businesses with new prospects being added every month. The next step is to help more women in Ghana and to persuade more small US businesses to use Theodora. Following Ghana, other African countries will join the program.

Theodora Africa is possible through the financial support of individuals, businesses and organizations. Join and help us expand this important program by hiring their services & donating to the project! To date, the program is ¾ of the way to self funding.

For more information, go to  www.TheodoraAfrica.com

There being no additional Rotary business, our meeting was concluded at 1:00 PM.

Programs, Happenings and Stuff & Such:

11 Nov            Veterans Day

12-14 Nov       Rotary Virtual Institute Zones 26 & 27 Big West Register NOW (It’ll cost you $49)

14 Nov            RLI part 1 via Zoom- 7:30A-1:30P. Register on the District website.

16-22 Nov       The “Zone Ride” during Rotary Gratefulness Week.

17 Nov            Regular Meeting – Conversing with Difficult People & Understanding Your Own Triggers

24 Nov            NO MEETING !

26 Nov            Thanksgiving Day

1 Dec               Regular Meeting –

5 Dec               District’s “Vibrant Club Workshop” 8A-11A

8 Dec               Board Meeting

8 Dec               Regular Meeting –

15 Dec             Regular Meeting –

21 Dec             WINTER BEGINS !

22 Dec             NO MEETING !

25 Dec             Christmas Day

26 Dec             Kwanzaa

29 Dec             NO MEETING !

1 Jan                New Year’s Day

25-26 Mar       President-Elect Training via zoom.

8-11 April        District 5520 PETS and Annual Conference -Las Cruces Convention center.

24 April           Governors’ Charity Ball – Albuquerque Convention Center- 5PM to 11PM

12-16 June 2021 Rotary International Convention in Taipei.

The Rotary Club of Albuquerque Sandia.  For more information on service, please contact us:  service@RotarySandia.org

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